DFAO artifacts on SpeedTree

It would be interesting if you tried the Kite Demo, loaded up a sublevel with trees, and looked for this visual problem. It depends highly on DFAO for lighting.

It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on in the Kite demo, since
a) they’re using the foliage spawner blueprint stuff, which I can’t quite figure out,
b) many of the trees appear to be set to NOT affect distance field lighting, and
c) the issue is most prevalent on trees with dense foliage, which isn’t the case for those used on the kite demo map.

There **is **a tree with dense foliage within the content of the kite demo, however. Pulling it into the scene and cranking up the min occlusion of the sky light reveals the exact same issues as I’m having in my own projects (right tree on the picture below). The only conclusion I can draw from that is that it’s a general issue with DFAO that can’t currently be fixed.

Thanks for reporting back. I would agree with your conclusion.

Do you multiply your normal map with “Two sign” node? Maybe it helps

So, no fix available to now?

I guess it’s better to use SSAO with the scenes with a dense foliage.

Hey all I was looking through this thread because I had the same issue, I wanted to mention that turning off “tangent space normal” for the leaf material will almost completley negate this flickering shadow effect, although it does mean that the normals will not be completley correct, but I found it to be a fair compromise.