DFAO always looks kinda broken no matter what I do


So I wanted to prototype something using distance fields, so I just used the default assets and build a little thing.

Now…I watched some of the videos in the documentation and stuff generally looks pretty clean there (sadly, often the images are small, so its hard to judge quality)…

But why am I basically getting this out of the box? :smiley:

This is pretty much unusable for interiors etc and I am wondering am I missing something? Fortnite doesn’t look that broken inside buildings as far as I know and it also looks a looooot better in the documentation.

Whats the deal here? How do I get a clean and usable occlusion? :slight_smile: (its less visible for nature stuff but I am specifically interested in modular buildings^^)

Thanks a lot and cheers! :slight_smile:

I’m curious about this also. I get very similar results for my interiors, even with DF resolutions turned up. Interestingly enough, I noticed that I get more splotchiness whenever I’m using a specified cubemap for my skylight but that could just be due to lighting differences.

I noticed that turning down the Occlusion Max Distance in the Skylight from the default 1000 to a lower amount like 200 really helps reduce the murky shadow artifacts.

The only downside that I can see is that it makes the interiors much brighter, which is alright for a bright game like Fortnight.
Huge fan of your lighting series by the way, please make more! :slight_smile:

Default Occlusion Max Distance: 1000


Occlusion Max Distance: 200