Hi, Its possible make material leaf or grass like in this picture(make dew)? I try take water drops map and connect to roughtness but its look wierd

How about putting the water drop map into the Normal input? Then use Roughness, Specular, Metallic, and Base Color to define its other appearance properties. Are you trying to get the dew animated from no dew to the dew forming on the grass in real-time?

Thx reply Normal slot already used, I try compination some blocks but I am too noob to make somthing sense :wink: I was hope somebody show me in blueprint

Yeah, I’m too new to say how to do it more precisely too. But dew is similar to thick glass in terms of refraction, so try learning how to create thick, refractive glass first. You’ll need to use a fresnel node plugged into the Specular, but it has to go through a couple different conversions or a math node or two before connecting. Look it up on youtube, and there’s at least a few threads in the forum on accurate glass…as well as threads or videos on youtube about creating water.