Development for different VR headsets/suggestions

I am at the stage where I can start testing the VR functionality of my project but have yet to pick up a VR unity. Been doing prototyping on a Samsung Gear VR. Before I pick up either a Vive or Oculus I wanted to ask a few questions

  1. I know there are differences between the units but how hard is it to port a game made with one to the other? Is it a simple matter of adding code to the project that sees which headset is attached and set game variables (movement camera location ect) based on that or do you have to have two different copies of the code (one for each platform)

  2. Any views on which is easier to develop for? Neither looks to complicated but it does seem there is so much more info/training for Oculus. Was not sure if this is because it is easier or simply a matter of it being more popular

  3. Would love to hear some thoughts about room scaling. I hear mixed opinions of it, some say you really need it others complain about space needed. Of course you do not need it for cockpit style games but would love to hear what some devs think about it

I am ready to buy and looking at prices it comes to: Vive is 800 and you got everything you need, Oculus is 600 then 200 for controllers then another 80 if you want room scale. Part of me says buy the Vive, one time purchase and you got everything, then again I also feel just buy a 600 Oculus then in a few months buy motion controllers (either oculus touch or one of the other solutions) and just wait to see if room scaling is worth it.

If you haven’t bought a headset yet, I’d go with the Oculus, only because I’m using a Vive currently and encountering issues. Ue4 is technically configured for the Oculus, so maybe you won’t run into the problems I and many others have run into. Cheers!