Developing when computer is not within Vive playspace

My computer is set up off to one side of my playspace. This leads to several problems, such as bad tracking, only one base station is visible at 5-6m distance, and being located outside the chaperone grid. I am developing my game by sitting on front of a monitor, so I currently have to take down one base station and put it on a shelf where it can be seen, and turn off the other (since it causes tracking issues). This sort of works, but the chaperone grid is completely wrong since I’ve moved the base station. Then I do a bit of development work and put the HMD on and off and it works reasonably well. But then if I want to make a proper test, I have to climb up on a table and secure the base station on its wall mount, and start the other base station. Then do the test, then sit back down, unscrewing the base station and putting it on the shelf again…
It’s getting pretty annoying and I am wondering if there is a better solution??
It is not possible for me to have my computer work position in the middle of the play area… how are you guys managing issues like this?

well, i have a free space on the right of my workstation and i just stand up to test.
The other way would be to use “standing only” mode while developing and just switch to the full mode later.

And you may use two tripods for the stations on the desk and behind you as long as you develop.
This is btw. one thing i like on the oculus (besides the headphones on the HMD) more then on the vive.
But the tracking is way better on the Vive.

my computer is also off to the side. When I need to rapidly iterate on various tests for the Vive, I get a bar stool and place it in the center of my play space and then place the Vive and motion controllers on the stool. The HMD is always tracked by the base stations, so when I start the game, there isn’t any funky relative offsets. Then I can either do a really quick visual test of something in the game, or I can play the game with keyboard and mouse input, or I can walk over and put the HMD on and use motion controllers – whatever needs testing. I find getting up every time to test something in VR becomes tediously repetitious, so this solution helps alleviate a lot of that “stand up, sit down” routine.

At least i get a lil bit of a workout during VR production using the vive :sunglasses:

You can buy an extra base station and buy inline switches for all of them (or remote outlet switches if you are lazy; I don’t know if the built in bluetooth will let you selectively choose what to turn on and off).

SteamVR will automatically recognize from a serial number encoded in the lighthouse data that you are using a different lighthouse and will load up different bounds.

This patch I made can help with switching between tracking universes if you do something with the actual bounds data in your game: