Developing a title for PSVR


Thank you to those who are kind enough to lend some of their knowledge and those seeking the same answers who just pop in!

I have been searching for weeks now online for information on game development through Unreal Engine 4 for PSVR and just general tips on starting. My biggest questions are:

1.I want to start putting assets in, Is it possible to connect my PSVR headset to my PC to start seeing how it’ll look in engine?
2.Those who have developed something for VR, do you build it as you would any other game and then test in VR?.. how do you judge world scale based on the viewpoint from the HMD then?
3.To unlock Unreal Engine 4’s PSVR capabilities do I need a permission from Epic, VIA being accepted into Sony’s Indie Dev partnership… ?
4. Providing I get that partnership approval, do I need the devkit PS4/ devkit PSVR to connect to Unreal Engine?

… I can build the assets, and work around in the blueprint and learn how to do all that as good as I can… but I just am lost a bit. If I need a vertical slice well enough to prove to Sony I deserve partnership, to get the devkit, to get the permission from Epic… how do I do that without a VR headset attached to my PC in the first place?

Please feel free to ask me any questions for clarification, if I’m a little topsy turvy here in my wording. I have this burning desire to finally develop my own game instead of just working for other companies, I’ve got an idea that’s taking shape… I just need a bit of info to help carve this out.

Thank you again!

From what I read, you’ll need to actually be a legitimate company, pay them $2000+ and have at least a game under your name. You should just make your game while trying to reach them and if you do reach them you’ll be able to show them what you have.

I mean they did give out a few devkits a while back.

But this is all just my understanding of it. I don’t have a devkit myself or have had one.