Developing a Rift game using Quest + Link

Hi, This might sound silly to some people but I’m gonna take a shot anyway as I’ve run into some problems that might be fixable.

I have started development in UE4 on a game for Rift S but instead of using a Rift S to make the game I’m using a Quest + ALVR to emulate it as a “Rift”. The reason I am doing this is because I personally prefer the design of the Quest such as not having to have a cord while your playing games as well as other things.

So far I have had no issues other than some packet loss which is barely noticeable other than a black screen in my side view when I turn too fast in my game due to the game being streamed over WiFi and not being able to completely catch up(not really a big deal).

I decided that it would be a better option to get an “Anker” cable to use the Link feature that the quest offers to emulate the Quest as a Rift through a hard wired connection thus eliminating the only very minor issue I’ve been having because I wont have to stream the game through WiFi this way. I plugged in the link and got into my game no problem with everything running smoother than on ALVR as expected BUT the screen has distortion and warping around the edges of my lenses and any object in view most likely due to the Field of View setting being off for some reason due to the way that Link emulates the Rift compared to ALVR.The height when using link in my game is also much lower than when I develop using ALVR for some reason I am unsure of. This issue is much worse but I really want a hard wired connection while I’m developing my game in order to properly identify things like screen Jitter and frame loss instead of confusing these things for ALVR streaming issues which are identical.

Does anyone have a good way to help me with this? Is there anything else that I might have to consider when developing this way? I know that the Quest has a higher resolution and the contrast in colours and blacks can be different and affect the lighting negatively but is the FOV going to be off on an actual Rift if I fix it on my system during development? Is the height setting going to be completely off on a real Rift from my Quest which is emulated as a Rift?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I’m pretty sure I’m in uncharted dev territory here.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have Solved this problem by turning off Asynchronous-spacewarp setting in the Oculuc debug tool. I disabled it by pressing Ctrl+Numpad 1.

Can you please elaborate how are you streaming through alvr? I have installed alvr, steam but its not streaming when i launch the packaged exe file…help would be much appreciated as I am stuck for so long…
thank you in advance

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