Dev Mode Question

Should I distribute as Dev mode or shipping.

Even if you encrypt the PAK, the engine still has to decrypt it before using it. People can use the engine source to figure out when and where that happens, the key involved, and just open it and investigate your assets.

It wouldn’t make sense for your source to be in there, but it might be. I don’t think they would care about that. But they could very well reuse the assets or ‘crack’ the game.

This is even in a shipping build.

If you’re worried about source, you could always use an obfuscater. But I don’t think there’s much you can do about assets. That’s why Epic ended up with the Fortnite model.

pdb files contain all the information about the source code and should never be released.


So how can I debug a crash that occurs on a build released in shipping without debug symbols? The crash logs in shipping give no information :frowning:

You use the UEMinidump.dmp from the end-user Crash folder and load the corresponding pdb (symbols) locally.

Could you give more details about this? is there any guides or wikis? It seems to be a really quiet topic