Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Just saw the announcement. Anyone else really excited for this game?! Can’t wait to see more. I hope they kept the same composer too, the HR soundtrack was amazing. =D


This is the one made on their new custom game engine, right?!
I still hadn’t finished the latest one; My save file got corrupted by the time I was finishing it and I was really upset, uninstalled the game after that :confused:

Never could understand why I just can’t like this game even a tiny bit. :frowning:

Oh, it’s called “Dawn Engine”:
The nuances of lighting remembers a lot the results of current Square-Enix’s Luminous Studio on Agni’s Philosophy demo.

I have to see how it looks in game, but as always the trailer never fails to impress. Can’t wait for this game. =D

I never asked for this…

I love Deus Ex…and like SE_JonF I can’t wait for it to be out! :smiley:

Let’s just hope they don’t do anything stupid, like make the game for consoles first and then port it to PC.

That was a real flop in the past.


Agreed. Hopefully that doesn’t happen here. =)

Why? I love it when PC Games are ported from console!/s

Really though, if they keep the same approach they had when they developed Human Revolution, this is going to be a great installment to the series. I loved how you could tackle each mission from a different angle.

I’m really excited for this, loved Human Revolution.

Let’s just hope they spend more effort on the boss fights this time (I almost rage quit the game after forgetting to get the electricity shield and getting stuck on that one boss).

Absolutely loved Deus Ex, the hype is reallllll

Loved Human Revolution, even if the cutscenes were pretty cool and the actual ingame graphic was quite crappy…the mood was there, the polys weren’t…hopefully it will look and feel great!

Looks like Jensen is going rogue this time

I thought that it was Unreal Engine. Human Revolution was Unreal right? Or did they abondon Unreal in the DeusEx before that? Because I though it’s Unreal, I also thought that it was a matinee sequence and rendered in engine. Now I’m thinking it’s just a CGI powered trailer. Anybody knows if it’s in game or CGI trailer?

Oh hypeness! Looking forward to this one for sure. Really, really liked HR, in spite of its flaws.

No, HR was not using Unreal. The trailer for this one looks to be pre-rendered.

It’s not pre-rendered. But obviously will be auto downscalled to fit console hardware.
They’re using 4kx4k textures everywhere in that trailer.

Also, no nee to say that actual gameplay won’t be any close to this as well. This is just a directed/scripted cgi movie. As always…
But given the tech Square-Enix has nowadays and access to Yebis this can pretty much be real time rendered on massive workstations.

It looks like the DX:HR trailer, was that a game engine? The Dawn Engine looks good, but I feel they could have come closer to that CGI trailer in game with UE4.

still shaking…

This should be your fight!

Does that guy sound like Namir to anyone else? Related perhaps?

Namir sounds different.