Deus Ex 1 (UE4 Modding)

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I do not infringe copyright - I just love this game and I want to make it better.

If somebody want to chat about this mod - feel free to join the Deus Ex 1 (UE4 Modding) server on Discord. Link: Deus Ex 1 (G-Modding)

Some time ago i decided to start learning UE4 and for that purposes i chose Deus Ex game. Reason why i have chosen this approach is that i want to learn how to create this type of games and along with that i will learn how to use UE4. So - enough words, here are some WIP’s:

Next task will be importing all training level stuff in UE4 and test how it works

Optimizing level geometry - part 1:

nice keep it up. maybe you should take a look at this thread [TOOL] UE4 T3D Converter for bsp brushes - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Oh man! Interesting Tool - Thank you! I will check how it works)

May I ask where is UE4 in it? Are You going to rewrite everything later?

Yes. Actually i’m planning to put first level (Training level) into UE4 and see how it will work. And then keep going further…

By the way - UE4 T3D Converter didn’t worked on Deus Ex maps. But again - thanks for showing me that!

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11 (finishing optimizing level geometry):

Day 12 (Stage 2.5 - Almost ready to import to UE4):

Day 13:

It seems like a lot of effort to just transfer the old geometry over - I think you’d be better off creating modular pieces (using the original geo as reference) and creating the map from that. The pillars in the first hallway, for example, could just be one asset repeated.

Unless you were to figure out an automated method to convert the original map files to something you can import into UE4 (Deus Ex Reborn managed something along these lines) it doesn’t seem like the best process to use.

The original geometry I need only to estimate the future amount of work on restyling locations. After the original geometry will be replaced by new things - I will delete it.

And of course you right about that. I’m trying to figure out of how it can be done more easily than it has right now.

This guy is really is something else - amazing play)

You know them?

Yeah, I knew Akerfeldt back in the day. But that was only UE1 to UE2 which was a much simpler conversion.

The training area could be made in modular pieces quite easily, there isn’t that much unique geometry in it. If you’re using it for reference I’d recommend skipping the UV steps and just relying on dynamic lighting for testing, that would save you some time.

Roger that)