Detect editor user input

While I mainly use blueprint and now editor utilities, one of the things Editor utility blueprints lack is an ability to get input from the user, keyboard and mouse.
So I’ve been trying to make a class that can pass on input to blueprint.
But I can not figure out what class it is that gets all the inputs and that has a delegate to register to.

If anyone has any insight they want to share, i’d appreciate it.
I’m really bad with code so hope it’s not too much of a pain.

Look into AActor class there’s EnableInput() and DisableInput() functions as reference.

Look also for UPlayerInput class.

Thanks for taking the time but I feel like I’m gotten to a point where I can’t follow the classes any more.

I’ve mostly been looking at InputCoreTypes and FInputKeyManager.

As for what I gathered from EnableInput is that an Input Component is created and is used by the player controller to pass down input to the actor.
So, i don’t know, maybe I should use Input Component to pass input from -someclass- to -myclass-.

Something I forgot to say was that I was hoping to use a EditorSubsystem to be the class that passes the input, that is easy to get a reference to.

If you’re making something editor only, there’s Slate Widgets ’ input events you can override on a custom widget class.
There’s Slate widgets with KeyDown / KeyUp as examples all over editor code.