Details on UE-81377

In addition to getting the wrong startup resolution, as described in issue UE-81377, it seems to be impossible to change the resolution using either F11 or the r.setRes console command.

The issue is clearly related to 4.23. I first tried starting the a Blueprints example project created with 4.22 using “Launch game” with no issue and simply switching the same project to using 4.23 and doing “Launch game” again presented the issue.

Workaround mentioned in issue works fine. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-81377)

Also, and this is a bit more cumbersome to workaround, if you try to start multiple instances of the game with VR plugged in it will shutdown the first, which is problematic if you want to test multiplayer with non-VR and VR clients.

Only solution so far is to 1) unplug the VR-headset, 2) start the first instance (or all non-VR instances), 3) re-plug the VR-headset and restart SteamVR, 4) start the VR version client.