Detailed Scale in VR

I am trying to establish perfect scale from Maya to Ue4 for VR. I am using 175 uu as the camera height. But when i import in a 7 foot tall marking pole. I am always taller than it in VR. I was going to use 7 200cm feet as my door height, but I can’t for the life of me get an exact real life to vr scale to work.

I have both of them on Centimeters, and have matching grids and everything. I checked no scaling on export too.

Is the 25 cm difference not enough to play in VR?

Any ideas would be a big help.

25cm is almost a foot (9.8 inches). 175uu (cm) is 5.74147’ (almost 6’)

1uu = 1cm

Yuo can check the lengths ingame either with the measuring tool in 2D or with brushes or on a grid or whatever. Place the two actors next to each other to see if there are issues. Are you recentering the camera to make sure it is at the correct location when playing. And for Vive camera placement works very different anyways.

Yeah, I am using the 175 number from the VR guides. I might go to 122um for a sitting experience or split the difference.

Yeah, I am just worried if there is a small difference now it will come to bite me in the *** down the line. It seems strange it loks fine ish on screen, but in the DK2 I am taller than it.

So I figured it out. I am just used to designing to the frame. So having mountains be a tenth of the size and ten times as close, screws up the scale drastically when you switch to VR. It’s cool you have to be on point in the range of inches and thousands of feet.