Detaching a particle emitter from Parent BP?


So, lets say I have a rocket which has a particle emitter spawned and attached to it for a smoke trail. What method would you recommend to DETACH the particle smoke trail from the rocket once it explodes and destroys itself whilst leaving the smoke particle to run it’s course then self destruct on it’s own accord?

My current problem is that no matter what I do, I cannot seem to actually make the smoke particle detach and persistent beyond the life of the parent projectile.

I have tried the detach from parent node but the smoke particle gets destroyed regardless when the parent explodes/destroys. Am I’m missing something basic here or am I going to have to fudge this another way (which I don’t wish to do).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


Hey James!

I can’t really think of the best way in-engine to do this as detaching will just make it not inherit the parent’s values.

One trick way you can do this is instead of deleting the actor, you hide whatever you want to go away and keep the particle as visible and then with a delay destroy the actual actor.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:
Yep, that’s the first thing I tried and although it works in most cases, for some reason there appears to be a bug in the first person projectile class that no matter what I did, it ignored my nodes instructing it’s collisions to disable upon exploding. (or I just made a complete blunder and did it wrong, always possible!) :smiley:

This becomes a problem with destructible meshes, where the ‘exploded’ rocket ended up interfering with the falling debris.

However, I’ll try some things out tonight and report back.


Ok, so I basically did just end up hiding the object, turning off all collisions etc to let the child FX run it’s course, then killing it afterwards, This is a movable static object - not a projectile class so It does the trick (though my OCD compulsions make it feel like a hacky solution). When I get some time I will try it with a projectile class again to double check it the bug does indeed exist or not and will report back.

And so… it does appear that no matter what I do, the projectile class completely ignores any attempt to disable it’s collisions via blueprint. Somewhat limiting and so I’ll now probably have to just make my own projectile from now on.

Ok, so is there a way to detach a component (ParticleSystem) from a Blueprint?

Because there’s a node called “Spawn Emitter Attached”. It works, but detaching it doesn’t work… As soon as you execute a “DestroyActor” node, the particles instantly disappear.

My approach was to delay the destroy actor node until the particle system is complete. Then, after a few seconds, the particle will have dispersed and you can then trigger the actor to destroy itself.

To answer my own question, I found an “easier” way: Make it easier to keep particles after actor death - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

I hope it helps.