Detach Niagara assets from socket during animation using notify?

Hi, im trying to attach a Niagara asset to a characters hand during an animation and then detatch it from the hand at a later point in the same animation. I so far have just been using notify’s in the animation assets timeline to add other VFX elements to the animation.

This does not need to be set up for gameplay as its just to showcase the VFX for portfolio work. Ive not set up a character blueprint or animation blueprint before, which is why ive been trying to stay within the animation asset.

Does anyone know of a way to attach an asset to a socket and then detach it, either through notify, blueprint or otherwise?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :+1:

If its just to film a sample, instead of attaching/detaching, enable / disable a niagara system that just remains attached.

Unfortunately that wouldn’t quite work for me as I want the system to still be visible after the point where it detaches. The idea is for it to track with the animation for a time and then detach so I can control it independently. So it looks like the character is holding it and then throws it in front of them, where it then floats and moves through the air for a moment.

Make an actor with the niagara system.

Drop it in the level. Attach it to the character via level blueprint.
Use the notify to detach.