Destructible Preshadow Cache Depths continue to affect scene even after DM actor and chunks are remo

I posted on answerhub but figured I would see if anyone on the forums had some suggestions

If a destructible mesh has dynamic shadows enabled, after the mesh is destroyed and all the chunks are removed, the preshadow cache depths for each DM continues to to affect the scene render time.

In my test adding around 1.75 ms for each DM. Or 35ms total for 20 DMs
Since it never stops affecting the scene even if the actor and all chunks are removed, every time a mesh is destroyed, performance will drop and never get better.

The obvious immediate solution is of course to turn off dynamic shadows for destructibles. But is there any other solution?

Is it possible to turn off Dynamic Shadows on a timer after the mesh has been destroyed? Maybe that will remove it from the Depth Cache lists?

Are you trying this from C++ or Blueprint? I think there are a few C++ functions you can access that may be of use. Stuff like being able to mark the Shadow State as dirty, causing things to properly been removed or cleaned up.

Awesome. thanks for the suggestion.
Using blueprints, I used SetCastShadow to turn off shadows at the same time the chunks despawn.