Destructible Meshes don't affect NavMeshes?

I created a destructible mesh from the stock Shape_Cube static mesh asset.
When I place it in a level with a NavMesh Bounds Volume, it doesn’t affect the NavMesh at all.
I have checked Affect Navigation under details.
If I drop the Shape_Cube static mesh in the level the NavMesh updates.
Am I missing some setting for the destructible mesh?

Hi I’m curious too how to generate navmesh under destructibles:

virtual bool UDestructibleComponent::DoCustomNavigableGeometryExport(struct FNavigableGeometryExport* GeomExport) const override;

Exports custom geometry but navmeshe isn’t affected:(

Any eta on this? Or should I implement this stuff myself?



Hi GJHolmes & Pierdek,

Our Navmesh system doesn’t recognize Apex destructible objects at the moment. This is a known issue that our developers are currently looking into. It is TTP# 299670 in our tracking software.

Thanks, TJ


Is this tracking software is public accessible?

At the moment it’s not, but this is something that is being discussed internally as a possibility in the future.

For now please feel free to use it as a reference if you would like to check on this issues status at a later date. Just please keep in mind that we have thousands of such issues we are working on at any given time and things will sometimes be put on the back-burner until we have time to work on them.

I believe I have found a workaround for this problem. I created a StaticMeshActor class BP and use the base static mesh, then create a destructible component for the DestructibleMesh version.

If you place one in the level like this it will look odd because both meshes overlap and it will not be able to fracture because collision of the Root SM stops the damage. Using this in the below event graph can solve both of those issues and the physics of the Root SM seems to stay for NavMesh calculations. However I have no AI to test it better at runtime so there may be more unsolved issues with this workaround.

Oh I forgot to add 1 important step. The Root Static mesh must be made dynamic; the Transform > Mobility setting to Movable from Static. This allows the above blueprint to work, otherwise would do nothing.

Is there a workaround for this at the time of writing? 2/6/2015.

Because there is a game my group is working on that has literally destructible actors (buildings, houses, etc) as a town that is going to have a navmesh over it for villager AI to roam around.

Hi again
I made a pull request to the master branch:

with this change I’m able to generate navigation around destructibles, tested with 4.7.
Of course this is only a proposal and has little hacks, if you want use it on your own responsibility:)

Hello, has this been resolved? I’m coming across this issue with version 12.5

He Fexception,

This was resolve a few versions ago. Make sure you have both of the check boxes listed below Enabled and also; inside of the Project Settings > Engine > NavigationMesh, set RuntimeGeneration to Dynamic.


Let me know if that helps.

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