Destructible Mesh Performance and dynamic creation


I want to build a small Sims-like in editor tool where you can build a building out of predefined components. (draggable walls you can resize, windows aos.). These buildings should be destructible. I think just converting a static mesh generated in that editor into a destructible mesh with voronoi isn’t impossible when looking at the destructible mesh editor code.

However, I have no idea how one would go about having multiple materials in that building. For example having the wooden framing of the building destroyed differently than the actual wall. Or putting windows inside the wall mesh (I guess you would need to remove part of the walls mesh?).

And I’m also not sure how the performance would be if I have quite a lot of these buildings in a game and want them to be destructible. My current approach would be having them static (so saving a static and a destructible mesh when creating the building) and loading the destructible mesh if a collision happens. But I think the performance might still be pretty critical when a lot of buildings get destroyed at once and also the “switching” might not be a perfect solution.

Any ideas on that?

On the off chance that anyone else stumbles upon this stub:

I’m sorry, but this is all I’ve got at this point. =/