Destructible mesh has a different collision mesh?

I made a mesh in blender, imported it, and made a static mesh and it behaved as expected (its a cup, it can hold things). When I created a destructible mesh the object in game appears to have a large invisible bubble around it and it seems to float and other objects cannot fall into it.

What am I missing? I would like the destructible objects to behave like the static mesh.

I made a video of what I am talking about:

I tried using a very large mesh initially also and using that to make the destructible mesh while scaling down for the small sized mugs. It seemed to help a lot with the “floating” effect and the object would initially rest on the ground but things would still not fall inside.

Hi Burnrate,

Destructibles cannot have custom collision meshes and as such it will be a generated auto-convex collision that creates a bounding collision mesh. This will not always be the most accurate collision, especially if it’s a complex mesh.

It will also not work for concave objects like this so that objects can be placed inside the mesh.

You can debug and test your DM collision by using the console command for “pxvis collision” while in play/simulate. You can bring up the console command window by hitting the tilde (~) key.

I hope this helps.


Thanks very much. I suspected as much after looking around but its good to know for certain :slight_smile:

Is there a way to change this? I mean, by modifying engine C++ code