Destructible Actors break in packaged build when referenced in character blueprint

This is a duplicate of this issue, but I am reposting as that one was marked “resolved” before I had the chance to reproduce it and is now being ignored.

I have a helmet mesh in my game that is rigged as a destructible mesh so it can explode in a bloody mess. This has always worked fine. After upgrading to 4.18.2, however, the destructible mesh gets no physics or collisions in the packaged build! It works fine in-editor. You can see what I’m talking about in this video:

As you can see, other destructible meshes are working as expected. It seems to only be the space soldier helmet that has this issue… which of course is the only one I actually need.

This question seems to detail the same issue. Thinking it might be a case of migrated files breaking, I deleted all the old files used for the space helmet, re imported the mesh, recreated the destructible mesh, stuck the destructible mesh back in my custom blueprint, and repackaged… same results.

I have managed to recreate this bug in a fresh project. Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Start with C++ FPS template

  2. Create a C++ class which extends ADestructibleActor

  3. Create a DestructibleMesh from some static mesh (I used a sphere)

  4. Create a Blueprint based on that C++ class and assign your DestructibleMesh

  5. Create some actor (in blueprints) which you can trigger to spawn the Blueprinted mesh actor. I just used a sphere and on overlap with a player I spawn an actor by class.

  6. In the C++ code for your character, add a UPROPERTY like so:

    UPROPERTY(Category = Destructible, EditAnywhere)
    TSubclassOf DestructibleActorRef;

  7. Compile

  8. In your character blueprint, set DestructibleActorRef to your blueprinted mesh actor.

  9. Package

  10. Test

For whatever reason, this sequence of events breaks ALL instances of the blueprint. Your blueprinted mesh actor will spawn but will not have any collision or physics enabled.

For reference I have created a project with the bug present, you can download it here: - Google Drive

Pressing enter will trigger radial damage, so to test the destructible mesh behavior you just have to walk into the blue sphere to spawn a destructible sphere and then stand near it and press enter to destroy it. This will work fine in editor, but will break in a packaged build. If you clear the value for DestructibleActorRef in the character blueprint and package, destruction will work fine.

There is new bug submitting form, so raport bugs there :slight_smile:

oh, thanks for the tip