destroy foliage

i am making own projects where player have had opportunity to remove foliage like trees and grass. Is it possible and how it can be done


That’ll do it ^ :slight_smile:

okay thanks. I am making own minor project where player can destroy for eg grass and later grass also respawn. and other foliage stuff also. I don’t know that are am doing that foliage or blueprints

Sounds like this is what you want:

yes, that is good tutorial, I also have more simple blueprint and it work okay. My new idea is to destroy grass, respawn it and that grass can grow more higher even time if not destroyed. That is maybe animation thing

this is my blueprint. I try to make grass respaqn after destroyed, there are many different tutorials, but I think it is very easy way. I think that after destroy after collision grass would respawn for example after 5 seconds 4c333206ed761d7e387d44eb71ae8e2cb8e0ae51.jpeg