Destiny-like sniper bullet trails: how to?

I’m trying to create a sniper rifle bullet trail that resembles the bullet trails seen commonly in Destiny:

What I’m trying to figure out is how I can properly create a bullet trail that has a source point at the weapons muzzle, and an end point at the raytrace hit location, while having the appearance of a bullet moving through space very quickly

– I initially tried to use a ribbon data type attached to a projectile, but I dislike how i need to use a projectile and I’m also not happy with how the ribbon fades out

– I also briefly experimented with a beam data type, but can’t figure out how to make it appear as you can see in the image above over long distances

I was wondering if anyone had any insight to how they would create a bullet trail like you can see in this image… NOT the electrical effect, but more accurately its underlying geometry

Thanks a million for any pointers : )

Small bump… I’m about to head home from work and am going to keep fiddling with cascade and am wondering if anyone here might be able to help save some time… thanks again!

I Too Would Like To Know :stuck_out_tongue: