Desktop Duplication API

I am new to UE4 and C++. However, I have been a software engineer (web) for about ten years. /lifestory

I am attempting to figure out how all of the mechanisms in UE4 work. Specifically, I want to generate a material (I think; not sure of terminology) that can be applied to a plane/cube/flat surface and will act as a duplication of my desktop using the Desktop Duplication API. I have looked through the Desktop Duplication Sample from Microsoft and am just not sure how to port that code into UE4 for use in a material. Any guidance would be appreciated!

@anonymous_user_454038d6 you ever find any traction here. I’d be curious if you did, did you notice a significant latency issue between the desktop interactions to the rendering within UE? I’ve been looking at and their plugin but it seems to require running a subsequent application to capture the desktop as a stream then rebroadcast to a material.