Desktop AR Support?

Hi Everyone.

Does Unreal have any support (either native or 3rd party) for Desktop Augmented Reality (not mobile like ARCore and ARKit or glasses like Hololens and Magic Leap).

I’m looking to use webcams or professional film cameras attached to the computer and augment that video using tracked images/markers and 3D objects.

My idea is to have AR tracking with multiple markers, simular to what Epic did with The Human Race project back in 2017 -

I’ve done this in the past in Unity by using Vuforia, ARToolkit, Wikitude, Maxst, and EasyAR, but I want to move over to Unreal Engine.

The closest I found was this ARToolkit plugin, but it seems like new features haven’t been added since 2019 - Augmented Reality Plugin for UE4 | UNREAL4AR

I know there are workarounds, like attaching a mobile device, running an AR SDK to track markers/objects, to the camera attached to the computer and calibrating the two video streams, but I’d rather avoid that route as there are too many things can go wrong.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Is there any news on this? We would like to incorporate AR in our Virtual Production.

And do you have any insight on the workaround you mention?