Desert hut

Hi all =D

I’ve already posted this in the wip thread on polycount, but I thought I’d make a proper post on it here.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Just amazing work! I am a modo user myself would love to talk with more modo lovers :smiley:

Amazing work.

Great work! If you don’t mind, how long did this take? And where did you get the textures from?

That looks amazing, I’m new to using UE and would like to know how you get the sand effect on the wood. It’s not part of the texture/material right? I would like to think that it’s a decal but not sure. I have nothing like that in my first test that I am doing without following any tutorials so it looks kind of boring. Thanks :smiley:

Looks beautiful! Great work. Can’t wait to see what else you do in the future!

Great job, as someone else mentioned. Textures? Made yourself?

@Meathead - Thank you =). Modo is great, I just really suck at it still ^^. Really wish it had a better way of displaying transparency tho, as foliage and hair is a pain.
@Errvald - Thank you =)
@Bajee/Kuro1n - Was done over the course of 10 days. Had 4 days off, rest was just spare time. Textures are mainly from, can download 15mb free a day. The foliage texture is modeled and baked.
@Cruward - Yes, its called vertex blending. Theres a short free tut over on eat3d 3dmotive have an advanced shader walkthough, not free tho
@ Sean Gribbin - Thanks man, yes I wanna do more UE4 is awesome ^^.

Cool site, didn’t know it. Thanks!

I keep forgetting to check the released section. =p Nice work, this looks fantastic I love it.

Very nice work!

Would be nice to see you expand on this environment and do a fly-through video.

Yes! KillBillyBarn map here we come!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, my name’s Eddy, and I’m a big fan of UE4, can you upload this, I really want to see how it runs in real time on my PC :slight_smile: I’m a huge fan of these works that the community is doing and I’m collecting them all.

I saw this posted on twitter, completely blown away! Looks amazing!

As someone who’s been looking into getting a Modo personal license, how did you feel the workflow was Modo->UE4? We’re there any quirks?

Not really a modeler, hadn’t touched a 3D modeling application for like 8 years until UE4 came out. Used to do a lot if modeling when I still was in school. But looking at options, and currently using Blender.

This should be in the community spotlight on the stream, imho :slight_smile:

This is looking fantastic! Thank you for sharing this. =)

@Bajee, SE_JonF, JoTay - Thanks lot =D
@Meltdown - Im afraid a flythough would be a slide show on my pc ^^, DoF does bad things to my old machine.
@Havok4Lyfe - =D
@EDDYx - Might do that ^^, its a big download tho (~3gb).
@Gebba - I havent had any problems apart from having to use the 2010 fbx version (can change this in modo), as the normals came up strange using 2013. This might be fixed in modo 801, and it wasnt really an issue for me anyway. I cant comment rigs and animation etc., but getting a mesh into UE4 has been painless.

Wow, VERY nice! :smiley:

Excellent work with material and textures, looks realistic, but juicy!

Excellent work! Can you please post your link to polycount? Thanks !