Depth of Field / Transulcent Materials Problem

Hi Guys, after setting the depth of field in my scene I noticed that any object that is next to an object with translucent material applied (all the windows in the scene) the depth of field looks sharp and it does not blur out the same way everything else does (The metal frame decor around the windows). I tried the glass material with and without opacity but maintaining the material blend mode as translucent but the result is the same as shown in the image attached. This problem happens in the two depth of field modes I tested (BokehDOF and CircleDOF). Anybody knows the reason why this is happening and any idea on how to fix it?

Im using Unreal 4.20.3

Thank you all for the help!

Unreal 4.20.3

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I’m also wondering about a scene with “holograms”, which are not affected be DOF. Did you find out something?
(I’m in UE 4.26.2)

If by “holograms” you mean meshes with translucent materials, then you need to turn off Render After DOF option in that material. This will allow for a translucent material to be affected by DOF effect.
Of course there is couple of implications for turning that option off. First, you wont be able to use Sort Priority feature on mesh with it. And DOF on complex translucent materials can seriously affect performance.


I Found some solutions from another site, to fix this issue you need on the translucency section of the material, check the box that says “Output Velocity.” It is unchecked by default.


Wow, just wanted to come in and say THANK YOU!! such a big help… have been having this problem for 2 days, and the output velocity fixed it… thanks again!

Okay, and now the endboss: how can I fix the same issue for volumes? - The “Output Velocity” trick doesn’t work unfortunately.

In the Material property Tab, I found the left section Before DOF and After DOF. It’s by default “BEFORE DOF”
Change it.

Solution is here. Default value was 0.33. For correct DOF need lower value than opacity of material.