Depth of Field not visible in anyway (Disabled by Ray Tracing?)

I’m trying to use Depth of Field for a few beauty shots of my current project but I can’t get it to work and I can’t tell why? Even when I try to use the Depth of Field Layers visualisation mode I just see the normal image, not the blue, green and black visualisation that it is supposed to show.

I’ve tried doing it in cameras, cine cameras and with a post process volume but nothing ever seems to let it display.

Is there any other effect that I could be using that might disable it? I’m using some ray tracing effects, but none of the tool tips suggest anything about it effecting depth of field.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I should be looking to troubleshoot this?

I hit same wall as you, and only solution that I found is changing camera aperture to the value lower than 1 (something like 0.25). You can’t do that directly (its clamped to min 1), but can from blueprints.

Did you resolve this? I’m having the same issue in 4.25.