Depth Of Field Blur on Pause

What is the proper way to go about blurring the screen when the user pauses the game?

I cant find a way to attach a post process volume to a Character blueprint


In my “MyCharacter” blueprint I have my toggle for my pause menu setup there.

Get your Camera variable (mine is the third person template so it’s called “Follow Camera”). Drag from that and search for “Get Post Process Settings”. From there, drag out and do “Set members in PostProcessSettings”.

You’ll get a giant node. Find “Override Depth of Field Method” and check it. Next find “Method (drop down box)”. Set it to whatever type you want.

This will allow you to toggle your PP from the blueprints.

hi, im done with this process, my problem is when i click my resume button, the DOF didnt get back to normal, i tried to override the settings again in my resume button in my UMG but i didnt get back to normal, hope i can still get answer from you on this thread, thank you.