Depth Fog Effect


I’m trying to recreate the distance fade fog effect that Joe Garth made for Rebirth, you can see the effect in his tutorial video on the film here:-

I’m somewhat of a beginner at Unreal and I’ve tried to put it together in the wire parameters but I’m missing something to actually get the distance fade to work, this is how far I’ve got, any help on how to get this working would be greatly received, thanks!

PS. I did email Joe to ask him but no reply unfortunately.

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Hm, you have Fog Intensity on 5. The opacity input needs only values from 0-1. So basically you have so hight opacity value that it “overrides” the depthfade value. Put the FogIntensity at 1 or just put clamp/saturate node after the multiply node.

Also, you Depth Fade is set to 2; This number will represent the number of Unreal Units (cm) that you want the effect to fade from the intersection with another mesh (the ground). Try a value around 500 to 1000, and the effect should sit better in the environment.

Forgot to reply to this, but this was the solution, thanks!

This is very handfull, never knew that!