depth bias.....? anyway to make the lower part of meshes dirty.


Is there a way in the materials to make a dirt layer fade in near where 2 meshes intersect?
I know in UDK there was a depth bias node that possibly did something similar.
I can’t think of any examples I’ve seen of this in UE4.
anyone know of any? or if there id a way of achieving this?

any help will be greatly appreciated.


I agree, this would be very useful. I wonder if it could somehow be accomplished with distance fields?

There is a way in 4.9 to do this, using as mentioned above, the new Distance to Nearest Surface node.

I will post an example soon.

The depth bias node is still in UE4 so you could set this type of behavior up if you wanted to.

Depth bias is called DepthFade in UE4 but it can only be used with translucent materials. Other than Distance to Nearest Surface node in 4.9 there is a new feature, PrecomputedAOMask, that enables you to use lightmass AO as a mask. More info here: