[DEPRECATED] Marketplace FAQ and Guidelines

The most up-to-date FAQ and guidelines are available here.

Welcome to the Marketplace forum! We aim to make this place beneficial for developers and content creators alike, so we have set up a few guidelines in order to keep the content here relevant, valuable, and easily digestible. As the Marketplace is still in the process of evolving into the resource we all want it to be, we know things may not always go as expected. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the case of any issues you have, so we can give it our immediate attention. Thanks for hanging in there while we iron out the wrinkles in these early stages.

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Posting Guidelines
Promoting Work: Only post items that are already available on the Marketplace. Work-in-progress items need to belong in The Work In Progress Forum until they’re readily available for purchase.
Requesting Content: Preface all Marketplace Requests with “[REQUEST]” to make it easier to spot for potential new offerings.
Feedback: Preface all Marketplace Feedback with “[FEEDBACK]” so we can find it quickly.
General: All the other rules of online professionalism apply here. Let’s keep the discussions positive, constructive, and respectful.

**Marketplace FAQ **

Submission Questions:

Q: Are we allowed to include C++ content in our submissions? My planned submission is almost ready (some more testing) and I want to include C++ source in addition to blueprints.

A: Not yet. We’re adding limited code plugin support in Unreal Engine 4.8, and we are testing that support with a limited number of partners to test before a full release. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d like to hear from you, and you can email us at [EMAIL=“”]

Q: Why do some submissions take longer than others?

A: When a pack has gained enough interest and gone through our review we start the process to get that submission ready for the Marketplace. This includes getting all the legal and financial details from the submitters, which can often take some time to sign and prepare. Also, some submitters like to put the finishing touches on their submission leading up to release, and that requires the Marketplace team to run them through our internal quality assurance and publishing process again.

Q: How do I submit content to the Marketplace?

A: Please sign up to be a seller in our Publishing Portal here, then you can make your first submission:

Q: Does my project need to be in a certain format in order to submit it?

A: Yes. When we request files we do require that you follow a certain file structure in order for our system to properly read your project. When you open your project in UE4 the first folder needs to be named your project. Example = XXX
All of your project content should reside within this folder.

So it should look like this in windows:

XXX (main project folder)

  • Config (folder)
  • Content (folder)
    XXX.uproject (file) please ensure that no spaces or underscores are added here

Within your “Content” folder should be another folder named “XXX”, and within that should be all of your project files and folders.

So in the Content folder it should look like this:

Content (folder)

  • XXX (your project folder)
  • (all project folders here)

There is a new policy we have for our submission process. As some of you may already know, we’ve recently updated our mannequin from the blue guy to the new silver guy in 4.8. Since significant changes have been made to the model and skeleton of this we’re now making the requirement that all submissions that are using the UE4 mannequin for any reason must use the 4.8 mannequin.
UseManeq (1).png

This includes: Animations, rigging weapons, character packs rigged to the Epic skeleton, any mannequins used for scale or in a showcase map and your screenshots.

If you are making something for marketplace or have sent something in please start making these changes and send them over to us. I know this is a new change and that some of you might have to do a bit of work to adjust your packs for this but we are currently working on a conversion guide to help you along with this.

Please note that this also extends to old submissions, if you currently have something on the Marketplace using the 4.7 mannequin or skeleton please send me an updated version of your files and screenshots. You can send those files here: [EMAIL=“”] I know some of you have already done this and we will be reach out to people individually as well just to be sure we got everyone.

For all animation packs, please note that your pack will not be considered compatible for 4.8 unless this change has been made.

If you guys have any questions about this please either message one of us here, ping this thread or send us your questions here: [EMAIL=“”]

Q: How often will I receive payment?

A: We’ll pay monthly within 45 days following the end of any month where the cumulative payment due to you is at least $100. You’ll receive a sales report with each payment. Any accumulated account balance under $100 will be paid within one calendar year.

**Q: How do I update my submission? **

A: When you have an update that you’d like to publish, contact us at [EMAIL=“”] and we will help you promptly.

Q: How long will my submission take to get from the submission form to the Marketplace?

A: That amount varies based on each individual submission. We’ve had some submissions go out as soon as three weeks from their submission dates and some as long as three months. The best thing you can do to ensure to get your submission date on the Marketplace as quickly as possible is to make sure you send us all the information we ask for as soon as you can.

Q: What do I do if I don’t hear back from you?

A: Our goal is to try to give everyone a response within three business days (with the exception of a new submission which could take up to a week). If you ever send us something and don’t hear back from us after three days or the time we’ve specified then feel free to e-mail [EMAIL=“”] and we’ll get back to you.

Marketplace/Release Questions:

Q: Can I change the price of my product over the time?

A: Absolutely! Contact us at [EMAIL=“”] with the name of your pack and the new price you would like and we will help you promptly.

Q: Can I set sales for X number of days?

A: Currently sellers cannot initiate their own sales. Right now the Marketplace team contacts individual sellers for limited-time sales and promotions. If you are interested in discussing a sales promotion for your content, contact us at [EMAIL=“”]

Q: Can I set a product with two options or 2 products one free and other paid? (The free version is the same of the paid but with less things)

A: No, the Marketplace does not currently accept free content.

Q: Can I add over the time updates/content to my product at the same price ? (Add more content and update the descriptions or update to new engine version?)

A: Yes you may, and we encourage sellers to update their content over time, especially to ensure compatibility with new engine releases. When you have an update that you’d like to publish, contact us at [EMAIL=“”] and we will help you promptly.

Q: What do I do if someone contacts me with a problem with my submission after they purchase it?

A: If someone purchases your pack and has a problem, please get their EpicID, email address and Order ID number as well as a description of the issue they’re having. We’ll look into the problem internally and let you know if there are any issues either with the purchase or your submission. From there you can decide how you would like to proceed with your customer. If you’re selling content on the Marketplace you have a responsibility to provide great customer service to people that purchase your content, and we’re here to help you with that as we can.

**Customer Questions: **

Q: Hey, I want a refund for this pack!

A: If you find that you’ve downloaded a pack and it has some issues or isn’t as described, please reach out to us at: [EMAIL=“”] and we will try to resolve this issue for you. If you’ve decided that you just no longer want or have use for the pack please contact our billing department at: [EMAIL=“”]

Q: The library in the launcher has a button for [content] which says ‘Add to project’ but when clicked it shows a dialog to create a project. I was hoping to see a dialog to add [content] to a project. How do I do this?

A: This is not a feature we currently have in our launcher. However, you are able to create your project and migrate the files manually.

Step 1: Create the project you wish to work on.
Step 2: Open the project file you wish to migrate (ex. SuperGrids)
Step 3: Right click on the asset you wish to migrate and select “Migrate”
Step 4: Select Okay and the Project you wish to migrate the files to.

**Q: Can I use marketplace assets in engines other than the Unreal Engine? **

A: Yes, you can use purchased Marketplace content in engines other than the Unreal Engine. The only exception is any content offered for free by Epic, such as the “Open World Demo Collection” or our tutorial resources.

Yay, happy to have you on board, Reuben!

So keep the questions rolling in, folks! I’m here refreshing and ready to answer for the afternoon, and then periodically for as long as the thread lives. :slight_smile: Eventually the best and most common questions will roll into our master FAQ.

Welcome Reuben! I’ll be sure to submit a question if something comes to mind. =)

Hmm, I’m confused(dont worry, happends rather fast).

I have 2 items in my library in the launcher. Water Planes and SuperGrid. BOTH ed5c8c5ad0a01152adb315cee2083078b826e070.pnghave a button which says ‘Add to project’.

When I click that button with Water Planes I see a dialog where I can select a project, and Water Planes is added to that project. (and it actually does that, really handy!)
When I click the button with SuperGrid I see a dialog where I can specify the location for the to be newly created project.

Hi Martin!

So the situation you’re describing here is unfortunately a flaw in our system that we’re currently working on. Due to the way some projects are set up we need to make it so that they Create a project so their demo levels run smoothly. What you’re seeing in the Vault is a cosmetic issue. No matter what type of project it is, the Vault will always say “Add to project” but function the way it’s intended when you select it. That’s why Water Planes lets you add it to an existing project but SuperGrids needs to create a new one.

For now the migration steps above should allow you to get the assets you need and we are working on a solution for this in the meantime so don’t worry! Here are the migration steps again for you:

Step 1: Create the project you wish to work on.
Step 2: Open the project file you wish to migrate (ex. SuperGrids)
Step 3: Right click on the asset you wish to migrate and select “Migrate”
Step 4: Select Okay and the Project you wish to migrate the files to.

I hope that answers all of your questions and let us know if you need any more clarification on anything.



Smarkoff: thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:

If somebody reads this through the forum search: An other option to get, in this case, SuperGrid to your project is to simply copy the files. I created 1 project only containing SuperGrid and copy the contents of Content\SuperGrid to my own project. Works perfect and requires less steps when using the migrate option. Might not work with other assets from the MarketPlace though… :slight_smile:

Hi there,

just a question, it is possible to submit a complete Sample Game to marketplace (all in blueprint) ?


Hi Jago! It depends a bit on what it does. We don’t really have a specific place to offer full game content, and don’t have plans to support that right now. However, we do occasionally get submissions for our Learning tab in the launcher, but those are only offered as free content, and the bar for acceptance is extremely high.

Is it a sample game similar to the way the RPG Starter Kit ( or RTS Toolkit ( are set up? Or is it different? If you’d like to PM me with more details I can give you a better idea of what we’re looking for and if we can find a fit for your submission. Let me know, I’m happy to help!

Jon Jones -> Thanks for your reply, i sent you a PM

I purchased some art from Unity Store to use as example place holders in my Blueprint project for the Market. I will add a disclaimer that users cannot re-use these art assets commercially and provide a link if they wish to purchase the pack for themselves. Is this suitable? I just cannot draw for the life of me and really need example place holders for the flipbooks.



Ah I see, thank you for that clarification! I will have to find another way to find place holders for my Flipbooks, sigh

What if the content creator sells me his pack outside of the Unity Store? I guess that wouldn’t work either since Unity has the rights to these packs now right?

“you can use in commercial projects but you may want to modify them slightly if someone else does the same”

The content creator had told me this. How much “modification” would need to be done for this to be legal? Change the color?

You have to ask for permission to commercially redistribute modified assets, but it is usually costs additional money. And “commercial project” != “commercial redistribution”.
Also, I recommend to say that you have no interest in selling modified assets on Unity asset store.

Thank you ZeOrb, before I say anything, I want to commend you for your exceptional presence in the community. You are always there to answer my questions, and very rapidly I must say!

With this new information, I know what I will do. Instead of providing art samples, I will make a video/playable demo to exemplify that the animation system works. From there, as long as my Animation Actor is well identified/commented, users will be able to easily implement their own art.

Thanks again!

Hey, no problem! Whole community is superb, so I’m just one of the many!

Yeah, this is definitely the most simple and fast solution

Hello, I have a question. I’ve been working on a project with a friend online, and I ended up buying the Top Down City Pack when it was on sale. My question is, how does this work with teams.

Specifically, does he have to purchase the asset pack as well if we want to use it together? Would everyone in a team? If you had like 15 people, how would that work, would they all need it? What are the rules with sharing it on Git? Is that completely unallowed or does it have to be set private?

Thanks for any help. Sorry if this question was answered somewhere but I wasn’t able to find it

Hi Pinworm!

All content sold on the Marketplace is licensed to the buyer (who may be either an individual or company) for the lifetime right to use the content in developing an unlimited number of products and in shipping those products. The buyer is also licensed to make the content available to employees and contractors for the sole purpose of contributing to products controlled by the buyer.

Each such product built using content purchased on the Marketplace must be a standalone creative work (such a game, simulation, or video) in which content is merely a component and not the primary focus. For example, it may not be a content pack for distribution to engine users. Hope that clears things up!


Q. Can I view how many times my project has been purchased for the current month and previous months?

As of right now this is how the process works.

Let’s take for example the month of June. Lets say that your product goes live on the marketplace June 10th. The sales period for invoicing is June 1st - June 30th.
You will receive an invoice approximately sometime between August 1st-August 15th that details your sales for the invoice period of June 1st-June 30th.
Your item will have been on the marketplace for only 20 of those days (June 10th - June 30th) and you will get an invoice that shows your number of units sold, gross revenue, and net revenue (gross minus 30% commission).
If at this point you have a total balance of $100 or more you will receive a direct deposit to your checking account in approximately 3 - 5 days after invoicing.

I take it this FAQ is out of date, since the C++ code restriction has been lifted according to the submission guidelines?

Also, the folder hierarchy shown here and in the submission guidelines does not match with the examples referenced in the guidelines (e.g. RealisticRendering).

Could you please provide a clear and up to date example of required folder hierarchy (with an image rather than the textual format in the guidelines), along with a bit more info on how to structure C++ submissions (for example, whether user extension of C++ classes is supported, and if so how this should be exposed)?