Deprecated google VR ue4

I’d like to ask a pretty simple question.
I’m interested in making a mobile VR game, so of course the first thing i did is went to the documentation
there i found the difference platforms supported.

I was interested in using the google Cardboard,(because from the platforms available it was either that or the gear VR which i don’t intend to use)
But it’s written that “This feature has been Deprecated and should no longer be used”

Should I still implement the things written there, is there any other forms used for mobile VR platforms
any insight will be cherished thanks :slight_smile:

that’s exactly my problem, I want to use VR on mobile, both android and ios
google vr is deprecated on 4.24 and 4.25 ,
also, google is deprecated gvr , and replaced it with cardboard SDK
it has a plugin for unity but not for ue

the only way that we can ger VR running on android is simple hmd,
but that have so many problems too

if u find something usefull , plz let me know, ty