Deploying on hololens

Hi, i am seeking advice as how deploy my apps to hololens using unreal engine

I want to deploy the app on the hololens but the uwp icon does not seem to show up when I am trying to deploy it (in the supported platform section)

Initially, I have tried to use the The necessary code given in other forums ( that allows for uwp to show up in the platform section, however, I am unable to find the github source code that is given. I have also downloaded the hololens template but it does not allow me to open up the template in the software either. I manually installed the template in the unreal engine template folder as well.

Also, I’ve have tried using the 4.22 preview to connect the hololens to the software, the method requires me to connect the hololens using its ip address, however, it does not allow me to connect to the hololens. (I’ve filled in the ip address. But when I press the connect button, but the hololens does not connect), neither does it contain the uwp platform support.

Is there any other ways I can deploy my apps to the hololens ? How do I acquire the uwp icon in the packaging and supported platforms section ? Please correct me if I have made any mistakes during the installation process as well. Thank you.

see the following thread: