Deploying GearVR project


I received my Gear VR and s6 a couple of days ago, and I was pleased to have a packaged, playable project running within less than two hours (most of which were spent installing requisites).

Cudos to Epic!

I’ve since encountered two issues which decrease my workflow significantly (which is completely in blueprints).

Packaging has never been a problem, but installing on phone is. I usually have to revoke the PC authorization, make sure I set the usb setting to PTP, enable usb debugging, delete the old package files manually, and then install the .apk. This only occurs after I’ve disconnected the phone from the PC. As long as it stays tethered, it works just fine.

Is it common to have authorization issues when packaging for android or is it related to the gearvr platform, or perhaps my project set up?

I use custom object types and line traces for UI actors and it works fine in the project but it doesn’t respond once packaged and running (everything works well in the project). I could use some input on whether Object line traces or Channel line traces is the best way to go for this, since there seems to be an issue with object channels. It works for checking against a capsule collision that I have on my enemies, but when it’s checking against the geometry collision of a destructible sphere, it returns null. I’ve tried using the standard ones (WorldDynamic/Destructible), but result seems to be the same (no hit).

How do you debug these things when they’re only occurring on the phone and not in the project? Are there known parts of the blueprint functionality that doesn’t run on android?

I thank everyone on this forum for my progress! Unreal is the most creative tool I have ever worked with, and it made me believe in math as a skill worth knowing.

Don’t have this problem at all - maybe a debug setting in your developer mode of your device?

I don’t know about your trace problem exactly but for debugging there are usually debugging features in the trace node:
Also what helps speed up some time testing was to test first on the DK2 to see if a trace is working as expected before doing an export and testing on the gearvr :wink:

The problem is not existing when I play in the editor, and I use my DK1 to playtest it. So there’s no debugging to be done in the project because everything works as intended. The problem occurs when I play the packaged game on the phone, hence why I am looking for a way to debug what happens when I run the packaged game. I could manually set up the project to print text on a debug text actor thats visible when playing but it seems like a longshot and very time consuming (not just a break point if you know what I mean).

My settings on the phone seems to be fine (always allow computer to be authorized), and I recieve my device ID and status on “adb devices”.

Try debugging over wifi:

also a must to setup once you get into your project especially for nailing down performance issues :wink:

Thank you!