Deploy to a 5.000 milles distance client device.

Hello guys!

I tell you my life, I am working on “demos” and “other stuff” for a companies in my city, to here no problem, I get the device (S6, S6e, Note… etc), connect via USB, insert the OSIG[GearVR], build and export the .apk - Done.

– Always for Samsung Gear VR ] – (I am searching in forums but right now I am really confusing about it):

The problem comes now, i have clients in other Countries and i need to deploy a “demo” to his devices, obviously they can’t send me the devices or get a travel simply for connect the device to my PC. (Ridiculous)
I read that the client can send me his device number by an app called Device ID and I can put the number in the Unreal Engine Device Manager (with his OSIG), deploy the .apk and would be working on his device.


Someone can confirm this?

And the million question:

Is any way to deploy a generic “demo” for any client with GearVR without their Device ID, i think is crazy to deploy each time the same .apk with a different Device ID and OSIG, i think this is possible if you submit your “demo” for the Oculus Store but i want a more private way for a determinated clients.

I think I’m not the only with this questions and any tutorial or someone who can shed some light on these questions can help a lot of people on my same situation.

Thank you very much for your atenction, regards.

There is a much easier way for debug deployment without USB. Look here.!

Now regarding the OSIG file, i fear you will need one for all your clients devices. Currently there is no way around this, like Apple does it with it’s provisioning profiles.
The only other way i can think of, is to use a tool called Sideload VR, i’am not sure how exactly it works, but from what i know this could be the easiest way for your clients to install the APK on their devices. You can find something on google about that, i’am sure.

So to clarify, this method don’t need have had previously connected the phone by USB or had the Device ID, right?

I read about it a little bit, thank you HEGI, this help a lot, really, thanks for your time :wink:

I will post all my archievements when i get results to help other people in this situation, for sure.

It is an extension to the default method. You still need the OSIG file in place. What changes, is the way you get the APK onto the device and install it. This will save you a crazy amount of time when developing.

Glad to help. :slight_smile:

Hey OP, did you have any luck with this? I am wondering if once you have compiled with the correct OSIG file you can deploy to that phone by just running the APK on the device itself to install (without a PC).

Thanks in advance!

Yes you can. The remote party should just download and start the .apk which has their OSIG builtin.

Many of our users actually use ConstructVR ( to distribute their GearVR apps and invite their prospective clients. It automates the OSig process so that non-technical users can easily install your Gear VR app even in different countries. Hope that helps!