Deploy MMO game using Pixel Streaming

Hey Everyone,

Our team is trying to develop an open world metaverse based on a city map (Approx 500sqkm). Along with it, it’s a massively multiplayer game having 1000s of concurrent players.

We were thinking of using pixel streaming in order to make our metaverse accessible using a web browser. This is so because, if we make it downloadable (.exe) the package would be too heavy.

Would that be a good, scalable and feasible method?

Kindly advise.

First, make sure if that would actually be a benefit to your game, like our there a significant amount of players that want to play your game that way?
If you have decided it is an important feature, then understand it would be extremely expensive, since you’d have to have much more powerful hardware to run an instance of the game for every user. You’d probably be better off getting your game on an existing game streaming platform where they’ve optimized the hardware for that purpose and everything.

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Thanks for the answer. From the word “an existing game streaming platform” do you mean by the cloud gaming services given by Nvidia, Azure and other companies right?

Right, those existing services have hardware optimized for it and you wouldn’t have to manage the streaming servers.

Thanks for your response.

But even to use those services we have to use Pixel Streaming in UE right?

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