DENT - Destructible Environment Network Toolkit

The website is ok.
i have checked and it seemed that there are some disingenuous sites using the same IP on the shared hosting package. I will place a support ticket with the provider.

DENT does not work with 4.19?

It does work it was tested. Please advise what the issue you are experiencing is.
have you added the apex plugin to the engine

I loaded into a fps temp. I get a compiler error on BP_DENT_MASTER, BP_DENT_MASTER_KILL_SWITCH.

What error are you seeing. Is it breaking the compile ?

Yes. It is breaking the compile.

Can you send me the errors you are getting please

I have performed all of my upgrade tests again today incase i over looked somthing and there has been no issues

Part of this process is as below,
I have tested the cook build and package processes in 3 stages,
1 - Blank Third person - No issue
2 - Blank third person with apex plugin - No issue
3 - Blank third person with apex plugin and DENT - No issues

Suggestions for resolution to your problem
1 - Please check the you have the correct visual studio version
2 - That the APEX plugin is enabled before DENT is installed to the project,
3 - Please post the log files so they may be inspected, as this issue is not the result of an incompatibility with DENT and 4.19, the functionality work as expected. it may be to do with the integration to your project. but with out the log files neither I or the community can look in to your issue.

Thanks, I forgot about Apex.

Good stuff

How do I remove DENT from a project? I tried deleting everything from the project, but we still get the DENT popup.

Sorry to hear you are removing DENT did it not perform as required? :frowning:

Are you meeting the loading block the black box that says DENT instead of saying unreal editor or the HUD overlay
( The loading box was only ever for me that should not be added to a project from the store if that is what the issue is I will need to discuss with epic on getting it removed)
If It is the HUD overlay then that is set on the main characters construction script.