DENT - Destructible Environment Network Toolkit

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The Destructible Environment Networked Toolkit (DENT) is a fully networkable template that extends the functionality of the existing destructible mesh mechanics by allowing for point and radial fracture control over the mesh. DENT will add realism to the audio and visual effects of impacts on destructible structures.

**FAQ: **
Support email: [EMAIL=“”]
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Multi Player

Damage Debris and Kill Switch,

List of Features

:biohazard: Full network support for destructible meshes
:biohazard: Extended fracture control on destructible meshes
:biohazard: Networked ranged damage system template included (demonstrate how to interact effectively with destructible meshes using weapons)
:biohazard: Modular examples to make destructible buildings that can be entered

Fracture events: :biohazard: disable lighting
:biohazard: explode on fracture
:biohazard: cause AOE damage
:biohazard: spawn particle emitters for both radial and point-based damage
:biohazard: produce different sounds for radial and point-based damage

25 destructible items configured in blueprints: :biohazard: barrel-exploding example
:biohazard: empty wooden box
:biohazard: stone wall as an extended structure
:biohazard: 2 lamp posts - affect lighting
:biohazard: 2 modular buildings made from 15 destructible meshes
:biohazard: basic particle emitters and sounds included

Technical Details

35 blueprints: :biohazard: 6 primary blueprints
:biohazard: 4 tutorial blueprints
:biohazard: 25 child blueprints

**Meshes: ** :biohazard: blockout (6 destructible and 6 static meshes)
:biohazard: wooden cottage (9 destructible and 9 static meshes)
:biohazard: barrel (1 destructible and 1 static meshes
:biohazard: wooden box (1 destructible and 1 static meshes)
:biohazard: lamp post (2 destructible and 2 static meshes)
:biohazard: large wall (1 destructible and 1 static meshes)

Maps: :biohazard: 2 overview maps

Bug Tracking
there is a bug with 4.15.0 and for 4.14 that incorrectly transform of Destructible that use Extended Structures when using standalone mode, but all other modes work correctly

Bug - Replication with listening server not synchronising properly ( dedicated server working correctly) - Fixed

Great asset. I am interested in and will most likely buy it.

Thanks, Furiozo Glad you like it, if you have any questions or think of anything that would be good for future updates please just shout.
Remember if you like it give it some stars :wink:


If you have any issues at all, contact me right away on

Features and bug tracking :Trello

Q. where can i learn about Destructibles meshes
A. Here is an amasing example of how the different functions of destructible meshes work
also this link to the Epic Trouble shooting Guide for Destructible is also amasing

**Q. I have added dent to my project but when using the DentGamemode it does not fire **
A. if it has been added to the first person template or third person template ( or a template that uses the same controls)
--------Add the following lines to the DefaultInput.ini Before adding any of this code please make sure it does not conflict with any settings already in your .INI files.


Q. I have aded DENT** to my project but my projectiles dont dammage the objects.**
A. your projectile if not applying point damage will require to have the point damage, Radial Damage and Radial impulse values set
Example of this is located at \DENT\Character\BP_Projectile

you must also Cast to Dent to set if this is projectile causes radial damage

Now on the** \DENT\BluePrints\Destructibles\Destructibles_Master**
Cast to your Projectile and return the values you have chosen for the Point damage, Radial Damage and Radial Impulse

( if you need a video of how to do this just shout)

Q. How do I make a destructible mesh?

Q. How do I add a destructible mesh to DENT?

Q.If I wanted to use the weapon overlay on my own character to test how do I do that?

Q. Can I create a Rainbow6 destructible style environment?
A. Yes, but it will require alot of planning for supporting structures

Q. Can Debris And Chunks damage players?
A. ue4 does not let chunks damage actors … But i am working on a solution for this. Is planned for the next update.

If adding to a project with its own controls and weapon system. The issue above will not affect your project

Testing damage based debris . Will post videos shortly. any one who already owns DENT that would like to test please get in touch.

Damage Debris and Kill Switch, coming soon

still some work to do but there almost there


How To Use KillSwitch (coming next patch as soon as I get all the videos done)

Hi Guys,
The new version hs been submitted to the store for approval, this contains Killswitch and Damage Debris

New version is now live

Hey man, nice work i just dont understand how to get it all synced better… I’m testing it out on the Dent_Showcase map and it doesnt sync nearly as good as in your video here
What am i doing wrong? :s

Edit: Working pretty ok now, if you got some nice settings which syncs it really good please share! :slight_smile: I tried to put a big fat wall which the client side start shooting down so he could climb it but then the character starts bugging flying around, if the server side does it it works just fine, you know how to fix it or could it be something to include in an update?

Hi Zoyer2

Glad you like the pack, and i am looking forward to see what magic you make with it.

About your questions

Not sure what you are referring to on the “Synced Better”, are you referring to the way the debris moves on each of the clients? can you send me a picture or screen shot please.

About the Characters pinging about and bugging out :wink: that should be an easy one, the value is called “large Chunk Threshold” on the BP when you select the Destructible mesh ( i have made an override under the dent configurations on each BP and should be called “Large chunk override” … the higher the number the larger the chunk that will be ignored
the reason for this - the server does not actually render Debris, its handled on the clients so the out come is sightly different on each machine ( the fractures will be the same though)

**a wee tip, this tripped me up for ages - ** if you stretch the DM when its in the level it freaks out the collisions of the debris as well so make sure any scaling is not done in the Level :wink:


When i meant with sync it’s not about how the debris moves but on the actual fracturing. If i make a hole in a wall the hole can look a bit different on the client’s side. Not sure if it should be like that or not, so for an example if i want a building to fall by shooting down it’s support pillars on the server side the whole building might fall but on the client it doesn’t, I need to test some more tho because it might actually been a mistake on my side. I can take a screen shot later if it appears again. Thanks for the tip about the stretching, that was one of my problems too hehe :smiley:

About Large chunk override, i have been playing with it so i got the deal already but when putting it too high the debris just falls through the mesh also putting it too high will make the character ignore collision with the wall after being shot for an example, at least that happened to me. What i found out being the most visual and nicest option is to put the collision preset on custom for the mesh then check everything on Block execpt for Visibility, Worldstatic and World dynamic which i check on Ignore. I make so the debris despawn pretty fast also. Now there is no collision on the debris + they actually collide with the mesh before falling down giving some nice immersion.

Btw i found out one problem, dunno if it is because of the engine but i built a apartment which the walls was destructable, when i started the game the client’s game was pretty messed up, some of your bp destructable meshes was popping in and out being invisible and visible meanwhile everything else was good. Is it a limitation of the engine?


were you in Standalone mode, there is a bug in UE4 that makes it go crazy and jumble and flash. - Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-42613)

I do love a screen shot :wink:

remember if you like it can you leave it a Star rating on the store page, it will help others to see if the package is usfull for them or not :wink:

Haven’t had time to write but the popping bug was just that i for some reason had unchecked load on startup on the meshes, sorry -.-

And about it being destructed differently i think i found out why and it was most likely i hadn’t configured the large chunk setting so it matched well with the server as with the client. Works perfectly now everything! Many thanks for the pack, will rate it!

Aww mate good to hear it’s all working. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, please share your mile stones :slight_smile: I love seeing cool stuff blow up.

Remember any issues you know where I am.

Thanks for the vote :slight_smile:

Will be a bunch of tweaking and so on for now and setting up a map, I will upload some videos on youtube when i have gotten some quality in my map and some overall good results to show peeps about this. I guess it’s good to get some more publicity :slight_smile:

Yes will see if there shows up any questions and so on later on, no probs man you deserve it!

Thanks boss, I am realy excited to see what you make.

And as always any questions or requests you know where I am :slight_smile:


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