DENT - Destructible Environment Network Toolkit

Hi Voradori

by default the Debris do not cause damage or relay effect the game play,

I have implemented a solution called “damage debris” that spawns objects when debris is created , and this projectiles will cause damage

here is the video for Damage Debris
and you can test it on the compiled Demo Dropbox - Error

it is available on the current implementation of the pack

Just purchased DENT looks great. Did add it generic shooter. Trying to add it to Third Person shooter kit. When I try to blow up a DM, does not work. All I see is the bullet pic. Any help would be appreciated.

I have not used the “Third Person shooter kit” but if its blue print based it should be easy enough.
1 - Are you playing in multiplayer? if so is the “Third Person shooter kit” networkable
2 - the bullet you are firing a Line trace or a Projectile ( sounds like it is a projectile) added this bit from the QandA section below encase it helps

Projectiles Must cast to BP_Dent_Master and Vice Versa
projectiles must have a Damage,Radial, and Strength Value ( the name does not match just when you call the Value from BP_DENT_Master it has to be the equivalent value from your projectile

you must also Cast to Dent to set if this is projectile causes radial damage

Now on the** \DENT\BluePrints\Destructibles\Destructibles_Master**
Cast to your Projectile and return the values you have chosen for the Point damage, Radial Damage and Radial Impulse

If that did not work can you upload screenshots so I can see what is happening before and after. Thanks

Not multiplayer. Attaching images – the barrel and the radial impulse in the BP_BulletProjectile. When I create my own DM it is destroyed.,
If you want I could zip the project and if you had a place I could upload it to you. Would that be OK?

Thanks To Koniferus Here is the Guide on adding DENT to ShooterGame

In ShooterProjectile.h - you need to expose the “explode” funtion to BP then call it from your system in the projectile


Then add the Explode to your Projectile

DENT doesn’t seem compatible with 4.18. Loaded it into the fps.

Version 4.18 - Requires “Apex Destruction” Plugin to be activated to use destructible meshes

Screen messages. Tried disabling. Doesn’t stop them. 4.18 version.

can you put up a screen shot for me please so i can see the error

Press 1 ???, Press2 etc. I don’t need to appear. I have an app created and don’t need this text. It is not an error. Need disable messages.

AHh ok

So going from memory

The character or weapon overlay the " on begin play" will add the widget to the screen , just delete e create widget and add to viewport and that should do it

If you go to content/Dent/Character/Bp_Dent_Character and check the “event graph”

you will see the Event BeginPlay as in atatched in the picture , in the LoadUi Comment this is where the widget is called from, any problems just give me a shout

I just bought this and it said that this is a 4.18 supported content pack, but it’s broken as can be.

57 fatal errors.

It’s not because the apex plugin is disabled by default either.
By adding it to a project and then enabling apex destruction, or enabling and adding it to a project. It’s broken either way.

It doesn’t seem to be a mistake that this is mislabeled as 4.18 supported, b/c of the note about apex destruction in the description on the store.

So what gives? Am I doing something wrong?

hi. Saxon Rah

Thanks for buying DENT and you are correct that it is 4.18.

having a look at the errors it does look like the errors that you see when that apex plugin is not enabled.

If the files are added before the plugin and if they are saved they break.

Let’s find out what’s hapaning and get you all fixed up

Which version of 4.18 are you using Are you using source or store build of UE4

Can you as a test.
​​​​​​1 fresh game - third person template.
2 open game and activate the apex plugin
3 save all and exit
4 add dent

And we can see if the error is there, if this is still showing as an issue.
And then we can look at the next step.

That’s exactly my problem, If i add it to a new blank project with apex destruction enabled or disabled, it breaks either way.
4.18.2 Binary version (non source)
Perhaps my download was corrupted or something? What I will try and do is delete 4.18.2 and all marketplace content and retry it from the beginning.
I’ll come back here in a few mins to update this post.

Yep, deleting the engine and dent local content seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for your help Purple_Dolphin!

When I get back I will install 4.18.2 and check. I have tested on 4.18.1 and 4.18.0 as on the subversion there is never a need to update the packages.

and this is the first report of this. I am very interested to find out what has happened / happening

Can you zip up the wonky test package and send me a link to [EMAIL=“”]


Phew that was worrying me there.

Thank you very much for your patience in this issue and the time you took in looking in to it’s resolution

Hope you enjoy DENT and have fun blowing stuff up. :slight_smile:


Your current FAQ link directs to a virus spyware alert webpage. Might want to check into that.

Just had a look from my phone. Its not giving me an error I will check as soon as I get access to a pc. Thanks for the heads up.

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