[DEMO]OCVR Hackathon Compilation

Hey everyone, I’ve been participating in Orange County VR’s hackathons. (Using Unreal of course ;-))

I have compiled both experiences into one package - The plan is to submit this for hosting on oculus share, and I would like to have some people look at it before submitting.

Experiences are:
Pvramids - A passive journey through the Pyramids of Giza - Theme was “education” - Won 2nd place
Temple of Shadows - A “haunted house” of sorts - Theme was “horror” - Won 1st place (Got a leap motion as prize!)

Download, Unzip and Run - Any and all feedback is welcome!

Hmm… 2 days and no replies - Just to be clear: Even if you don’t have any feedback - I’d be interested just to know that you played it!

I posted this over at “Released Projects” with pictures and videos

Great Work! The menu is pretty nice. I might recommend spacing the selections a bit farther apart or make them move slower around the edges and then faster if you look really close. That way you don’t freak out like its going to select while your reading it.

I get horrible judder in both of the main games. Some of the worst I have seen. I’m not trying to be harsh I’m just curious why it is so. I ran my demo right after to make sure it wasn’t my system.

I really like a lot of the graphics and one of the scary jump moments actually scared me a bit. :slight_smile:

I would recommend removing “Help me” crys. If you keep them you need to get a better recording area as smooth them in. You really hit them cut in and it takes you out of the moment.

I think you should disable the controls on the one you don’t need the controller for. I did it second and then used the controller and my view was off where it was clear you expected it to be.

Great work. Keep it up!

Did you post this on the Oculus dev forums or on the Oculus subreddit?

Thanks BlueByLiquid - When you say “judder” I’m guessing you’re not talking about low fps? I have experienced a problem once where it seems like the positional tracking is being refreshed every half-second or so. (Might have to do with Oculus Driver version?)

The “gaze selection” can definitely be improved too.

@Mysticeti - Not yet, step 1 is showing it to UE bros to work out any potential engine bugs (like judder :))

Yes not low fps. Its not positional judder its only on rotation. its as though your head is hooked up to a lawn mower and shaking but only when rotation. I’m up to date on drivers but it may just be my setup as I’ve had a few issues though I wasn’t having those issues before or after so who knows.