Deleting actors with childactor causing crash

Wasn’t able to reproduce this in clear project yet.

When deleting actor which have child actor from a level there is an crash without any dump:

btw when I open the actual blueprint and compile it I can delete him from level without crash.

I also encountered this problem!I have to be crazy!

+1, something is messed up with child actors in 4.11. They also don’t work in construction script: Child actor function doesn't work after editor restart [Demo project] - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Glad I’m not the only one having this issue


  • Can you provide the logs from your Saved->Logs folder the next time the crash occurs?
  • Do you have any steps to reproduce this issue in a clean project?


I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we have not heard from you in a few days. If this issue persists, feel free to respond to this thread. For any new issues, please create a new Answerhub topic.

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Please don’t mark it as resolved as I currently don’t have time to prepare some repro steps on clear project for you. Will do that as soon as I can.

When you have the repro steps prepared, please respond to this thread.

Thank you

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce this on clean project.