Delete Uv channels no option?

Okay if you accidently create a few UV lightmap channels and given the generate uv tool and need to delete them how do you do that? IN unreal 3 you could but i am ont seeing any option for it in unreal 4.

I need help with this as well.

I’m having the same issue. Converting a BSP to a static mesh, the UVs are messed up, building a new one is fine but the original in UV Channel 0 still remains and Unreal doesn’t like it.

There is no option to delete UVs from within UE4. You will need to use an external modeling software to alter the UVs and overwrite any previous un-needed information.

Thank you!


please, do it


Try this, Double click the effected object in the Content Browser and switch the “Destination Lightmap Index” to 1, thus it means it has a “UV map & light map” and removes all the old UV junk :slight_smile: hacky but works.

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