Delete one actor all adjacent start deleting

I created a new project yesterday and occasionally when I delete one actor/building piece it will then start to delete all the adjacent ones and keep going and unsaved items pile up. I end up with over 1000 unsaved because it deleted so many. Not good!

The work around is to disable auto-save, because if it happens right before an auto save I am screwed. I then close UEFN WITHOUT saving and reopen, however I do lose the work from last save. It does not happen every time. It is random. Has happened about 5 or 6 times now since last night.

I forgot to add that un-do does not work for restoring the items.

This is not a fix, but understanding what maybe happening could help you avoid this issue.

My best guess is that you have a large number of buildings actors (walls, floors, so fourth) that are only “supported” by a limited number of building actors. When deleting the supports with the in game tool set running it’ll collapse like it does in game in turn removing the building pieces.

These features are controllable.
See these settings on the building actors in UEFN.

Depending on your needs either forcing some pieces to be supported, or simple disabling the piece(s) from registering with the structural grid maybe what you want in your case.

Thank you for the reply. I understand on the unchecking “Register with Structural Grid”. It is currently enabled. I will try that.

However, my structure is basically four very tall perpendicular house walls with flat roof. The last time it happened I deleted the center most tile in the roof and “rapid unscheduled disassembly” occurred. I wish I made that line up, but I borrowed it. :slight_smile:

Also, you said “this is not a fix”. Does that mean there is an issue you are looking into?

In the case you described my guess is that that building isn’t actually supported.
Maybe technically floating above the ground of something like that. Remember that structural support depends on the landscape so if you have it sitting on a static mesh like a rock then the system won’t automatically realize it’s supported and the force support on the bottom floor/walls maybe the fix.

When you edited the roof it just poked the structural system and caused it to realize it wasn’t supported and then collapse ensued.

Certainly an area where the UX could use some improvements, hopefully understanding the mystery helps however.

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How to prevent this from happening in a fast way:

  1. Launch live edit
  2. Open quick build menu
  3. Enable 'Building to Prop" this removes structural integrity
  4. Place all the assets you want in live edit (place prefabs if you want many props)
  5. Switch back to UEFN and grab whatever you like from those assets. They ll never break again.

Epic really needs a general toggle structural integrity option, most of the creators dont make maps for FN building anymore.

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