Delete an Error C++

Remove your final include. Should look like this:

#include "GameFramework/Actor.h"
#include "MyActor_Cpp.generated.h"

Also, your file appears to be named “.h” from looking at the tab in visual studio. You need that name to match the name of your class. The actual file name should be “MyActor_Cpp.h”

I have a Compile Error… I have all times the problem, that i cant compile
can som1 tell me how i repair it?

thx for all answers… im new in c++ and cant work with this problem

tipp: press STRG+ PLUS (symbol) to be able for reading :slight_smile:

i solved the problem, but i am not sure how i solved it. Maybe reset engine or ur answer helped
The problem was a year ago and solved it a year ago