Degenerate Tangent Bases

I keep getting the error ‘Degenerate tangent bases’ when importing my model. I’ve UV mapped it and also done a cleanup to make sure that there is no loose verts or overlapping edges etc. But no matter what I try I keep getting the error.

Here is a shot of my model with wireframe and UV set.


I’ve never had this error before. Not to sure what is causing it.

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I fixed the problem I think. On the UE4 import settings, where it gives you an option for ‘Import Normals’ my option was ‘Normals Only’. I have now changed this to ‘Normals & Tangents’ and I don’t get an error anymore :smiley:


Thanks. This was helpful.


Thanks for the tip ScrotieFlapWack! That helped me also. :wink:

Nice, I had the same problem with the “degenerate tangent bases” error (I’m also using Modo) and spent an hour troubleshooting before I found this post. Solved my problems, thanks :smiley:

I was having this same problem.
In my case it was because I was making the Unwrap in a UV channel, but I had other UV channels which had still faces without unwrapping. So the UVs were perfect in the main UV channel, but they were wrong In the other channels. >:(

As soon as I deleted those channels I was able to import the mesh without the error message.

6 years later this is the fix, thank you!