Deferred Decals disappearing on Sequencer play :(

Hi everyone!

I have a decal sitting on a Static Mesh, and a test Cube mesh (default cube actor), and it disappears on all my test models when I hit Play on the Sequencer.

I’ve created a scene with the intention of rendering it out to a MOV eventually, and am avoiding baking lighting or compiling, and I’ve worked this way for VR. I’m not ultra experienced with Unreal, but have managed to make a cool scene with lots of Geometry Caches and imported models. Lighting is mainly a day to night sequence, and some dynamic lights. My sequence’s finale has a bunch of decals appearing on a geometry cache and regular static model (landscape model). I had deferred decals set up to toggle visibility in the sequencer, but they don’t even show up.

I’ve tried DBuffer decals as this seemed like a solution to other decal rendering problems.

Does this mean I have to suck it up and build lighting to make decals work?

Thank you!

No you dont. At least I don’t. I’m not an experienced unreal user but my scenes where I used decals (from megascans import) just worked without any light baking.

This here below is what helped me.…als/index.html

Decal_Master_Material Type should be set to Deferred Decal, and it’s Blend Mode should be set to Translucent within the Details pane.…are-very-faint…ecals-UE4-4-23