Deferred Decal doesn't show on Oculus Quest

I have a scene with a deferred decal. I have static lights and have therefore activated DBuffer on the decal material.
The decal is shown in the editor, but when I export to the Oculus Quest is doesn’t show there. The lights works as intended though.

Any tips? Isn’t DBuffer supported for Oculus Quest?

It doesn’t seem to be supported on mobile and I think the quest uses a mobile os.

Oh, bummer. So how should I do instead to show a decal?
Not use DBuffer? And make sure it is properly lit?

idk, probably translucent or stain and then just play with the values until is looks ok. could use a mesh instead depending on what you’re doing.

Ok. What I am trying to do is to display an image on a wall.

I tried translucent. I have gotten the decal to show on the wall using a station light, however it is shown with very low opacity.
But when I deploy the solution to the Quest it is the same as before, nothing shows :frowning:

Hang on - I actually can’t believe this. Are you people saying it is not possible to use a decal with UE4 in a mobile environment (Quest) without enabling HDR!!! This is completely unacceptable team Unreal! No matter which settings I mess with, no matter what info I collect all over the internet, I CAN’T make a decal show in Oculus Quest with Unreal 4.24!

This is not sane. Decals are a huge part of gaming production, and we all know now that even with Vulkan renderer, Mobile HDR creates a huge performance drag so is not practical to use!

How can you not support decals in Mobile!?

Please respond Unreal Team!

They won’t reply here - if you want them to read an issue then you need to report it here:
Let us know their feedback once you get it :wink:

If you’re doing this in a static way (just placed in the world) your best bet is tweaking geometry / textures as needed.

If you’re doing this run-time (say, bullet mark on a wall), then your best bet is to place a static mesh actor with just a quad in the world where you need the decal to be. Casting a few rays can get you the position / normal for the quad. You can even do some edge / corner casts to determine if the decal would be partially “floating” and either modify or just not add it. Decals on curved surfaces won’t work as well with this however but it’s mobile VR so… you need to limit your expectations of what you can / can’t do right now.

It’s mobile hardware! Of course it doesn’t support decals. Stop freaking out, this isn’t the fault of Epic, this is simple a limitation of mobile rendering. There is no need to be like this.