Default Texture on Landscape Sectors (Mobile)

I’m having a rendering issue whenever I look at my landscape in Android preview mode. There are large sectors of default material, and I can’t seem to figure out the reason for it. It’s far from my most complex texture in terms of instructions and textures (so I assume it’s not an issue with the texture itself). I don’t work with landscapes often. Is there some limitation of Landscape size in Mobile that I’m missing? is there a way I could increase the size of the sectors (would that fix it?). Additional information below.

The material stats are

Base Pass Shader: 102 instructions

Surface Lightmap: 119 instructions

Volumetric Lightmap: 175 instructions

Vertex Shader: 36 instructions

Texture samplers: 4/16

Texture Lookups (est.): VS(0), PS(1)

User Interpolators: 2/4 Scalars (1/4 Vectors) (TexCoords:2, Custom:0)

The water texture has over 3x the instructions, 3 more texture samplers, 8 more PS lookups, but 0 Interpolators. Is this error something to do with usage of Landscapes on Mobile? or the Texture itself?

Original Image:


Android Mobile Preview Image:


This isn’t a really great answer for using landscapes in Mobile but I found a workaround:

Using static meshes with custom UVs to mimic landscapes in Mobile since it looks like Mobile just doesn’t like landscapes for some reason and it worked out just fine.