Default Sky does not change color when a new color is picked

Hey guys,

Just had an issue with the default sky sphere. I noticed in the details section the right hand corner of the screen you can see the override settings for changing the zenith color, horizon color, cloud color, and overall color. By default, the zenith color is Blue and the horizon, cloud, and overall colors are White.

The problem im having is that when I change the zenith color to a different color, it does not change the sky to that new color as desired. Here is a picture what I’m talking about:


Notice how in this example the sky should now be a goldish color. Anyone know why its not changing?

You can either rotate the directional light, or remove the dominant directional light attached to the BSP_Sphere then mess around with the settings.

Thank you ShadowKindGames, that worked! Yesssss!