Default PAWN CLASS problem

220 Views and no answer. So mysterious. But is really stranger that Epic doesn’t fix such a time consuming problem. Epic needs to fix these. Unless they want people to delay their project even longer. Why is that??

I’m having these strange issue. When ever I choose different Default pawn class (different character) for particular GAME MODE. it will then stay the same in every level. I would like to change my character and have it stay only in levels i choose to have it but the character i choose now repeats in every level with that particular GAME MODE.
I would like to have different characters but use the same GAME MODE. In short. HELP… I tried everything but default Pawn Class wont SAVE. Thanks a 2 million guys!!!

Usually you can just use a default pawn class and disable auto-posses. Then you spawn your own pawn and auto-posses, so the pawn class in the gamemode shouldn’t bother you anymore.

You can also do a gamemode for every level that has another pawn class, but I agree, this solution is tedious.

Nonetheless, why is my first solution not working for you? <3

Thanks for you help. Yes I did hear about that solution. How ever I still don’t understand why you can’t save different character in the level for the same game mode. Why would I have to manually change the character for every level. I have time set up up for the game mode that’s been explain to me by Mathew Wadstein so it ain’t that simple thought. I cant just duplicate the game mode cause to many things are attached with that like save and load and other things. Works super great though but there is now way to just duplicate that Game Mode it’s to complicated. How ever I would like to bring that counter set up in to other levels but with different character. All I would have to do is to change default pawn but it wont save. It will change it trough out all the levels, over ride the previous character. So in simple 1 character per game mode. Is exactly what my problem is. Sorry for the long answer… If I can’t do that then I will follow your advice! Thanks Ninjin!!

Is auto posses part of the blue print?

Before I explain, can you add an information if you are looking for a multiplayer solution or would singleplayer be enough? <3

Thanks guys!!. These is single player game. Right now I grab the character by duplicating it and then find it in the default pawn option. Duplicated so I can do something to it (dress it up) and use it in other levels. How ever everything is so hard core fused because of Mathew Wadstein tutorials on youtube that Game Mode can’t be duplicated that easy. To much stuff attached to it like timer/save score/ best score. I have to use Game Mode he showed me which is really amazing but then again if I want to change default pawn then it will change it for all the levels in the game which is like (don’t ask) 50 levels. lol. I wish I could change the character for these particular game mode. I believe it’s the way I choose the character is what makes it difficult . I think you would suggest to put the pawn in manually and then leave default pawn blank. Are you thinking something like that? Please and Thank you for the patience!!!

Wait a minute. Do you just want to make cosmetic changes for your Character? You can easily change the Skeletal Mesh of your Character or even attach Hats, Guns etc. without duplicating your Character Class. If your Character has the same mechanics in every level, you don’t need to change it. Is that what you want to do or do you actually have 50 different characters each with their own specific behavior (which I can’t believe) and want to exchange them??

Thanks! I have one character for 50 levels no changes to that character. How ever there are side levels where character changes for every side level. How ever I would like to carry my Game Mode to side levels. How ever when I actually use that Game Mode (special game mode with timer/save/high score) and try to have different character it doesn’t save it. It only let me save on character at the time for that Game mode (default pawn). I wish it would actually remember default pawn I actually choose and duplicating that Game mode wont work cause to many things attached to it. I think I have to manually put character in all the 50 levels and then keep the default pawn option at none. Would you agree? Thank you!!!

You can override Default Pawns per Level in two ways:

But like Ninjin said if you just want to change some Meshes and Textures around. You can drop your Character into the Level and adjsut what you need (make sure Auto posses by Player 0 in the Details Panel)

Or use something like your LevelBluprints Begin Play Event GetPlayerCharacter->CastToYourChar->Adjust what you need via Script.

Ok. Thanks guys for your time. I need to look in to these because of such complicated Game Mode set up that it is. Got so much things set up in it. it aint funny. Can’t wait to see if Auto posses will work…